In this era of ever-evolving digital landscapes, it's essential to keep your online brand experience fresh and captivating. Whether you're a thriving CEO, or a seasoned coach, the key to standing out lies in re-designing the complete experience of your brand.

I   A M   R E A D Y 


Clients you would love to have sometimes choose your 'competitors' over you even though you know you create the same (or even better) results. Whatever you do you're just always one step behind.

You instagram isn't a scroll stopper even though your knowledge is fresh af. You're putting in so much hard work in posting regularly; it kinda sucks that you’re audience is growing slowly.

You rarely get invited to podcasts or interesting collaborations. Your late night pondering on what you need to do to get noticed is creating more wrinkles than your age requires.

You keep attracting clients that say your services are 'too expensive' you’re tired of wasting time and energy trying to convince them that you’re worth the investment.


Did you ever notice that some brands get loads of clients without trying very hard? That's not because their brand has a logo and some pretty colours. These brands have a concept, an idea and a vision translated into a visual world. They are authentic, different and doing something that no one else does. That's what makes them pop!

Distinctive brands are so clear about what they’re putting out in the world that dream clients find them and stick to them like honey. They are the ones getting invited to podcasts and cool collabs because people want to know more about the unique story they’re telling.

They have long waiting lists of dream clients for their offers and selling out all their high ticket offers, raising their prices with confidence every year. All because their brand tells their authentic story.

In my 'Build a magnetic brand package' we’re creating a brand with a unique concept that helps you stand out from the crowd, showing your dream clients that you're THE ONE they need to hire.

Stop wasting valuable time on doing your DIY branding that's not showing you’re THE expert in your niche — You did not come this far to play it small.

In my 'Build a magnetic brand package' we’re creating a brand with a unique concept that helps you stand out from the crowd, showing your dream clients that you're THE ONE they need to hire. After working together, your brand will no longer be a logo and some colours, but it will have a clear concept that uniquely reflects you and your vision.

What is a brand concept?
A brand concept is a unique idea that goes beyond making something look 'beautiful, luxurious or cool'. A concept is like a brand theme; and the more you take that theme to the extreme, the more you will stand out.

Take a look at my brand for example; The brand bar. I’m using the visual language of beauty bars. A place where modern women love to come to get a makeover or an upgrade. Precisely what I do for brands. This gives me unlimited opportunities to play with language and visuals. By doing so my brand becomes different then the other studios out there, which helps me stay top of mind with you: my dream client. In 4 to 6 weeks we will work on bringing out your exceptional brand concept. A story that will be top of mind with your potential dream clients. Something that grabs the attention, gets you noticed and has them longing for you.

What our collab looks like?

We start with a brand connection session where we uncover your mission and values. Then I will work on different proposals for brand concepts. After we decide together what your brand concept will be, I will work on creating the various brand elements like your logo, typography & artwork. After we have finetuned all the elements, it's time to create new templates for your business.

I don’t build magnetic brands. We do it together. Putting our energies together to create is vital for a strong result. That’s why during our time together we have two twenty minute Zoom calls every week. During those calls we discuss options for improvement and the next steps. This process makes sure that the branding we create is not only making you the one for your dream clients but also sets your soul on fire.

Design that not only changes the look of your business, design that changes everything.
Are you done wasting time on DIY branding, done seeing other businesses work with the clients YOU want, done attracting clients that tell you your services are too expensive? What are you waiting for? Let's turn your business into the number one choice for your dream clients.

Let's create some brand magic!


...Nobody can surpass you anymore because of your clear and unique concept that sets you apart from your competition — positioning you as the expert in your niche.

...Your branding will be an Instagram scrollstopper, dream clients want to follow because your high quality content finally looks the part too.

...You get invited to podcasts and exciting collaborations because your branding is now showing your bigger vision. People know you have a story to tell and you can’t wait to share it.

...Your new branding makes you proud because it represents you and what you stand for. This makes it super exciting to create new content, you can’t wait to show the world the new you.

...Your new brand assets radiate 'you' and speak to the hearts of the people you serve, now dream clients are starting to knock on your door, they can’t wait to work with you.

...You confidently set higher prices for your offers because your new branding shows everybody the quality that you offer.


The best part of working with Tes was that you understood deeply what I wanted and knew how to translate that into something visual. Working with her made me feel clearer about my vision and what direction I want to take with my business. My new branding feels much more professional, everything has one clear style that radiates my vision and on top of that I feel more inspired to create new content. It was really fun to work with Tessa, and I'm super happy with the result — I would do it again in a heartbeat, and to be honest: I don't know why I didn't do it sooner!

—  Jamie, Jamie Elise


We will dive deeply into your business during our two-hour branding strategy session. Uncovering your brand vision, finding your unique brand values and doing different exercises to discover what brand concepts could fit your brand.


After our brand strategy session, I will create three different brand concepts for you to choose from. These concepts are presented in a moodboard that shows you what your brand could look like. This is the first time showing you what your vision could look like — One of the most exciting moments in our time together.


Now it's time for you to sit back while I work my magic. I will create all your brand elements for your new branding conept like your logo, colours, typography and artwork. Like everywhere else in the process, I present you with different options for you to choose from. No more ok-ish designs, but branding that makes you go 'Oooooohhhh baaaby'.


One of my favourite parts; we will start re-designing all of your brand assets, creating templates in Canva that are so easy for you to use in the future. This is when your new branding really comes alive.


Now you're all set; the only thing left is to show your audience your brand new style that radiates your energy and shows them your bigger vision, and positions you as an expert in your niche.


After working together my support doesn't stop. You'll get two brand review calls where I can answer all design questions or review your designs.


Yes, I made the right decision! I hired Tessa. Choosing a brand designer is a tough choice. Can they understand my vision? Are they able to come up with different directions? Can they actually deliver on all the necessary brand assets? And are they fun to work with? She delivered on every wish I had. She was genuinely interested in my story. She could quickly turn it into diverging branding routes. She designed the core branding aspects, but also all the digital assets I needed to launch. And I enjoyed every session we had together. 

—  Jorn Craeghs, NONO

The brand bar branding for coaches champagne


...You run an online service based business

... You already have enough clients, but you are ready to sell higher ticket offers
... You already have some branding, but there is no clear concept or idea
... You promote your business online and you already have a decent following
... You have BIG plans for the future
... You want to be seen as an expert in your niche
... You wish there was 48 hours in a day so you could get even more done


... You’re just starting out and your main focus is getting enough clients

... You don’t care about what your brand looks like
... You don’t believe in niches, you are great for everybody
... You have plenty time and energy to work on your own branding
... You love micromanaging because you always know what’s best
... You're in it for the money, you don’t really care about your clients
... You’re not ready to commit to one clear style

Investment €2975*
*or three monthly payments of €999.

Buying this package means you're serious about becoming the go-to expert in your niche. You don't want to be one of the many; you want to be THE ONE. You want a brand that stands out from the crowd, a brand people talk about. No more boring branding; you want to play BIG and are ready to invest.

What's included*
Branding strategy session
Three branding concepts
Three logo designs
Colour research for different colour palette options

Typography selection
Brand photography selection

Custom brand background
Custom brand illustrations
Social media template set
Masterclass template

Business card or brand sticker design

E-mail autograph

* Every brand is different, so you are always free to swap out or add items.
** Every item created comes with two feedback rounds.

P A Y   I N   3   I N S T A L L M E N T S

What if I don't like what we create?

We are doing this process together and this makes sure you will always 100% love your new branding.

How much time do I need to schedule in?

We do one meeting that takes two hours. After that, we meet twice a week for a 20 min meeting. The process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how many assets we're going to create

Can you help me with ongoing design projects?

Yes! Once we've completed your strategy and branding, you have insider access to our studio for project-based design as your brand continues to grow. As a past client, simply shoot us an email and we'll reach back out to book a design consultation with you.

What if I don't want to change my logo?

In the assessment, we can talk about what to do with your current logo. Many clients have chosen a fresh up where we honour your old logo without entirely replacing it with a new one.


Imagine how many dream clients will be attracted to your authentic branding, a concept showing your big vision and telling your story. Finally, getting invited to those podcasts and exciting collaborations. No more DIY'ing your own branding but a done-for-you brand that TURNS HEADS.

Are you ready? Let me repeat that. Are. You. Ready!?